Saturday, October 18, 2008

Getting to Know: SarahDee

A small introduction of the one known as “SarahDee”

Pardon me, if I forget to mention something important. You see, I have a dreadful memory… I probably am forgetting something at this very moment. My childhood is basically a pleasant blur, which means I can’t tell you very much about who I was but I can about who I am now and who I am becoming!

.:I am flawed:.
.:I love all babies:.
.:I overuse ellipses:.
.:I am a terrible liar:.
.:I am a quoteaholic:.
.:I really am a princess:.
.:I am an overachiever:.
.:I have a freckle tattoo:..
:I grew up in a rural area:.
.:I sparkle when I’m happy:.
.:I take pictures of everything:.
.:I have the best parents ever:.
.:I regret not saying good-bye:.
.:I long to see Jesus face to face:.
.:I get squirrelly when it gets late:.
.:I could stare at the stars forever:.
.:I want to visit Europe before I die:.
.:I sing along no matter where I am:.
.:I am the 4th of 12 [living] children:.
.:I have gotten in trouble for laughing:.
.:I have a horrible memory for…memories:.
.:I have a fascination with lines and patterns:.
.:I love making people laugh so hard they cry:.
.:I want my last words to be full of praise to God:.

I am not who you might expect, but you’ll have to look beyond my “long hair, home schooled, big family, pastor’s kid, and good girl” outside and see Sarah. The one who is shy but tries to hide it. The one who loves to be around people and see new things. The one who is deeply emotional but also deeply rational… or atleast tries to be. The one who loves her family and is willing to put things she wants on hold if she feels like her family has a need. The one who sometimes just wants to act absolutely insane and know that people will still love her and know that isn’t who she is all the time… but is some of the time. The one who loves to write and loves feedback. The one who loves to talk but also loves to listen. The one who has trouble listening without interrupting because she gets so excited. The one who loves new information. The one who loves to curl up with a book and lose herself in someone else’s struggles and triumphs. The one who loves to blare the radio but who can’t concentrate if she gets interrupted with loud music or too many voices. The one who hates pressure but doesn’t mind trying her hardest to do what is reasonable asked of her. The one who wishes that she just knew where exactly her life was heading. The one who feels like she is terribly imperfect but craves the love anyways. The one who is aching for someone to be there and appreciate all her quirks and contradictions. The one who feels the need to have her own family and home someday soon. The one who doesn’t understand how her emotions work. The one who is working on patience. The one who needs time to adjust. The one who wants to know. This is ME

Feel free to pepper me with questions… =D


Pam H. October 18, 2008 at 10:13 AM  

We have a lot in common! You sound more cheerful than I usually feel, though. God bless you!

(There is SomeOne there, who appreciates and cares - don't forget! But we want to see, to hear with our ears, and to touch, don't we?.... Ah, well.

Sarah Dee October 18, 2008 at 6:41 PM  

:) Thanks for your comment Pam! I know and reveal in His incredible care :) He is so good to me but it's also good to hear to know that He is not the only one who appriciates me! :D

Sam October 19, 2008 at 12:13 PM  

A fellow 4th child!!!

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