Friday, April 16, 2010

Lately I have definitely been feeling old.  Nostalgic, very aware of the fact that I have history.  A definite past that I remember, I'm watching my younger cousins get engaged, start lives of their own.  My younger siblings are graduating from High School and College, my little brother is driving now, he drove himself to my work the other day, totally blew me off my feet.   Do you ever get the feeling that everyone else's life is whizzing past and your's in in slow motion? Well, I know the feeling well....  Feels a lot like this picture.... For years I've been watching life speed fast, the years tick by, feeling sorry for myself, wondering why I couldn't be like everyone else.  But recently, I stopped and looked back at the past 10 years.  Observed how far I've come, the things I've learned and accomplished.  Things I've overcome, the places I've been and how much I've grown.  Yes, my life is speeding by like everyone else's.... but it is moving, God is working.  And I'm just waiting, He has something big in store.


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