Friday, July 31, 2009

Praising His Name

Our annual children's camp was last week and on the second to last day I found myself sitting behind one of the cabins.  Just me and nature.  We were having a a scavenger hunt and I was one of the "clue-holders".  The children had to find me.  Well, considering the fact that I was going to camp and am always quite busy I, of course, didn't bring along any busy work.  I wasn't expecting to have down time.  So I grabbed my Bible, notebook, cell phone, an Austen book that one of my sisters had brought, a chair, and some bug spray and I took off to my assigned cabin hiding spot.  I sent a few texts, and wasn't really in an Austen mood so I picked up my notebook and started paging through it. It contains a conglomeration of poems, paragraphs from books, notes from church, songs, and random scribblings and thoughts.  Lots of thoughts were running through my head when I turned the page and my eyes fell on these words.

I worship you with singing
I worship you with all of my heart
I worship you I cannot be silent
Lord I will praise your name

For you alone are more than worthy
You are great and you dwell in my praise
I lift you up that you receive glory
I worship you in this place

You see, one of my jobs at camp is choir.  I spend a couple hours every morning teaching the children songs in 2 part harmony, tricks to reading music, and I hope a love for music and a desire to serve and worship God when they sing.  After I read the words it was mostly all I could think about between groups.  You see, that is the cry of my heart, to love God so much to let him be such a part of my life that I cannot be silent.  That everything that I do would praise and worship his name.

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