Friday, July 10, 2009

Remembering our heros

I now this probably seems a week late to you.  But it's perfect timing for me.  You see right now just a few blocks away stands the Vietnam Moving Wall. A half-size replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that stands in Washington D.C.  There are 58,228 names inscribed on the wall.  58,228 men and women who died or are POW and MIA's of Vietnam.  Men and women who weren't just soldiers, but were civilians, were brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers.  I heard a story last night about a man who was a financial officer in Vietnam, he died when the "accounting office" was attacked.  He wasn't on the front lines, he was a office worker, who gathered the staff and fought back, giving his life for his country and for our freedom.  It's not just about the soldiers, it's about the civilians too. I was looking at a quiz a few days ago, and one of the questions was what is most important to you.  The options were things like education, security, adventure, love, freedom, etc.  My answer, my freedom, because it is important.  Where would we be without freedom?  Where would we be without the men and women that fight, have fought, and have given their lives for our country and the freedom they have helped secure for other countries?  It doesn't matter what you think about war or the current state of politics.  All that matters is that we honor and remember them.
Did you know that out of all of those names there are only 8 women.  I looked them up, most of them were nurses, nurses who died helping hurt men. One of the woman's story really struck me, First Lieutenant Sarah Lane.  She was a nurse, who died when a rocket struck the hospital.  She was 25 years old.   After her death the hospital she worked at in Denver renamed the recovery room she worked in after her.  She was only 25.  Anyway... standing at the wall, walking past all the names really humbles you....  Makes you think.... The main thing I came away thinking, never forgot, never... remember those that have fallen, remember those that still fight.  Honor the veterans, respect and pray for those that stand up for freedom and put their lives on the line for our country.  Remember.


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