Friday, March 12, 2010

Are You Up To the Challenge?

Everybody likes a good challenge, right?! Well... I do anyway...

A challenge by definition is 
1) Something that by its nature or character servers as a call to battle, contest, special effort, etc.
2) Difficulty in a job or undertaking that is stimulation to one engaged in it.
3) To summon to a contest of will or strength

Something that by its nature or character serves as a call to battle. In ancient days that would be the throwing down of the gauntlet. The call to arms the night of Paul Revere and William Dawes' famous ride to Concord. - Exciting, thrilling, stimulating. Not easy, but exciting.  

When we were talking about new blog topics, challenges came up. I jumped on the topic, I THRIVE on challenges. The more, the harder, the merrier. I know they aren't easy.  I balk at them, not wanting to feel inadequate, incompetent.  I think I can safely say that everyone prefers to do something that we are good at and know that we can excel in.  But without a challenge, how would we grow?  Here is a recent example.

Last week, during violin lessons, I was working with a student on their Solo and Ensemble piece.  The student told me that they shouldn't have to do something because it's hard and as a teenager they shouldn't have to.  I wouldn't be surprised if my mouth had dropped open.  All I could think is "being a teenager is NOT an excuse!"  Instead I told him that I was reading a book called Do Hard Things, and that he wasn't going to get away with pulling the teenager card out.  You can do it! I sat down and laid out a challenge.  It has been probably around 10 years since a violinist from the local school has gone to State Solo and Ensemble.  I gave him the challenge to be the person to stretch beyond and break that streak.  Well, he got the highest score you can get.  But he was doing a Grade B solo and only Grade A solos can go to state... opps... I forgot about that... BUT, he is all excited for next year.  He took the challenge.

Begin looking for challenges.  Stretch beyond yourself.  Give 100% instead of 80% or 125% instead of 110%.  Be know for what you do instead of what you don't do.  Take a challenge, take a stand and hold it.  History is full of examples.  The 20th Maine took a stand at the Battle of Gettysburg when the outlook was bleak and they were out of ammo.  They didn't retreat, with one word from their commander they took the challenge and charged forward, changing the outlook of the Civil War, and ultimately our nation.  The choices you make and the challenges you give yourself can be just as big a turning point in your life and the lives of the people close to you.

Start small, challenge yourself to do something beyond your comfort level.  Can you read the Bible through in 90 Days? Run 10 miles?   Volunteer at a soup kitchen?  Often the things that would be beneficial in us and our communities require us to go above and beyond.  Think of a challenge in your own life and set a goal.

"Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong." - 1 Corinthians 16:13
"...having done all to stand." - Ephesians 6:13b

Take the challenge and stand.  If you need a support team we are always here and if you're looking for a starting point the IDD Blog will be hosting the 90 Day Bible Challenge, so stay tuned.


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