Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of the year again. The world is coming back to life again after a long, cold winter. Birds sing outside my window in the morning again and glorious spring skies stretch on and on.

And it’s spring cleaning time.

Every year, we go through the entire house and clean. We empty the cupboards in the kitchen and sweep away cracker and bread crumbs. We removed every speck of anything that is leavened, anything that is made with yeast or any other form of baking product that makes things rise. Why? Because Passover is creeping closer and closer with each and every warmer and brighter day.

And so, we clean.

I sweep under the bed and in the corners, wash the windows and…think.

Every year, as I clean for Passover, I think of the house that is my soul. God dwells there, I know, and as I live the life of a Christian, I strive to keep it clean for Him. But…I’m lazy. I’m a sinner.

And crumbs, big ones, small ones, still linger.

I can try as hard as I can to sweep away all the crumbs, but I can’t wash the house clean. Only God can. I fall, I disobey, I sin and I make a mess of the house again. And again and again, He is there to forgive me, pick me up and to tell me that this house can be set to rights. That yes, it is dirty, it is filthy…but it can be clean.

And so…this spring, I spring clean an earthly home and thank God for cleaning the house inside of me.


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