Friday, December 11, 2009

Do or Don't

Our Bible Study group has been reading through Do Hard Things.   Granted the study is mostly adults, there is actually only one of us who is still technically a "teen".  But we're reading it anyway, and applying it to life as an adult.  An Adult Rebellion Against Low Expectations :-)  I was working through the chapter for this week when I ran across this passage:

Lindsey is a "good girl" who seemingly never does anything wrong.  She won't watch R-rated movies, wears a promise ring her dad gave her on her thirteenth birthday, and won't even date (or "court," as she puts it) until she's ready to get married.  It doesn't make her highly popular among some of her peers, but she cares more about what the adults in her life think.  And they praise her constantly - usually while they bemoan all the "bad stuff" other teens today are involved in.
She loves it when she gets compliments for being such a "wonderful girl," but when Lindsey is honest, she knows she's become exceptional for what she doesn't do. She doesn't attend wild parties, cause trouble, or want a tattoo. But what does she do? Is the Christian life all about avoiding "bad stuff" or is it about doing "good, hard stuff" for God?  Deep down Lindsey knows the answer, but she's already praised for being such a godly girl. Isn't that enough?

The words jumped off the page and smacked me over the head.  I can completely relate.  I know the feeling all to well.  So here's the thoughts..

Are you (and me) known for the things we do or the things we don't do?
And what kind of things can you or we do to change that?

I'm going to leave you with one thing.  Just a little encouragement for all of us.


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