Friday, December 25, 2009

It's a Wonderful Life

"I wish I'd never been born."

The familiar line from the classic Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life". Have you ever thought that? Wondered if you've made a difference in a life? Figured that you could never make as big of an impact as George Bailey did? But, did you ever stop and think about it, looked at your life through different eyes Have you ever tried to look at your life as God does?

My "It's a Wonderful Life" experience happened over a month ago and I'm afraid it's not nearly as entertaining as George Bailey's. But, it's certainly made me stop and assess my life. I was talking to mom about my life. Bemoaning the fact that I didn't feel like I had accomplished anything. That I didn't make much of a difference in the lives of the people around me. Mom of course had encouraging words, she started pointing out things that I did that make a difference, and some of them I agreed with. I might not see a huge difference, but there are the little ones here and there. Like going into work everyday. I'm not a nurse, I don't save lives everyday, I merely feed people, smile and say 'Have a nice day!'. One day there was a benefit in town for a man who has a rare form of cancer. We had donated a bunch of food for the benefit and I was on the phone talking to the lady in charge of the benefit. She had some questions about picking it up and such. Before hanging up she told me that we were just wonderful. I believe the word she used was angels. We had made a difference in her life just by a simple act. What about you? It is possible that your smile changed someone's life yesterday. Yes it's possible that your life touches just as many people as George Bailey's did.

Here's another thought; what if you'd never become a Christian? If just a smile makes a difference, changes someone's day, or maybe even their life, can you imagine what a difference having God in your life makes for other people? The gift of Jesus in your life makes the difference. If Jesus had never been born, or decided to not get on the cross and die for our sins, we would all be lost. Stop and think about it. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Take a moment to thank God for the gift of His son. And take a moment to look at your life through God's eyes. It truly is a Wonderful Life.


Miss Deb December 25, 2009 at 10:36 AM  

Very good thoughts Katie!

Leah January 4, 2010 at 11:08 AM  

Wonderful post!!

Just a side comment here... Our town performed "It's a Wonderful Life" this fall and I actually got the part of Mary Hatch in it! :D I'd say that it IS a wonderful life! :D

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