Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Unsung Heroes

We hear alot about heroes today.
Those who give their life for this country.
Those who risk their life everyday for justice.
Those who come together for a common cause, to save someone else.

But in the midst of these wonderful heroes, there lies another hero.
You won't find him in the pages of the front news.
He isn't interviewed by CNN and Fox.
People don't normally notice him. He's just there, everyday, doing what he does.

This hero is an Unsung Hero.

This hero is the man who breaks his back day after day, hour after hour, eeking out a living for his wife and children, so they will be taken care of.

This hero is man who comes home exahusted from working all day, yet gets down on the floor to romp with his 2 year-old.

This hero is the stranger who chooses chilvary in a world where it is barely known and appreciated, and opens the door for the woman behind him.

This hero is the man who cries out to God every night for wisdom and strength in leading and protecting his family, wondering how in the world he can give answers to life's question to his children, when he himself is still asking.

This hero is the man who doesn't give up, no matter how hard things are.

This hero is the man who does what is right, simply because it is right to do.

This hero is among us, everyday. Few people thank him for what he does. But few could survive without him.

Of course there are many, many female heroes in this world too. I certainly do not mean to take away from their heroicness.

I fear though, that too often we forget the men around us, who are trying to do right. Trying to be the men we want them to be.

So to all of them, I say thank you. For proving that true men DO exist. For giving us hope that there is still old-fashioned chilvary in in this world. For not giving up, though there seems little purpose in continuing.

Gentlemen, I salute you.

-Miss Deb

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