Monday, February 23, 2009


We must try to take life moment by moment. The actual present is usually pretty tolerable I think, if only we refrain from adding to its burden that of the past and the future.
- C.S. Lewis

Sometimes life is busy and hectic and crammed with things to do now and things to be done tomorrow and even more on the next day. It is then that I begin to feel overwhelmed. My workplace is busy, with papers and things to do piling up; a co-worker is out sick and I’m the only one left to scramble to do both her work and mine. I have homework to do and a test coming soon. The choir concert is just weeks away and I’ve barely practiced. My entire family has colds and oh dear, what if I catch one, too?

I have to remind myself to take a breath and stop. I don’t need to worry about everything right now. Tomorrow will take care of itself. I may not be in control of all that may happen, but God is. And if take today, moment by moment, it won’t be quite so bad. It might even be better than I could expect.

So…whatever you do, whether you are overwhelmed with schoolwork, work, mundane or crazy turn of events, hang in there. Live today and don’t worry about tomorrow or all that may or might not happen. Don’t add to your burdens – give them to God.


Shannon February 23, 2009 at 6:38 AM  

Thanks Krista. This morning I struggled to pay attention during my quiet time as the things I wish I'd done differently last week, and the pressures of this week's schedule, and the sickness running through the family crowded my mind. Quite timely.

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