Monday, June 1, 2009

Journaling (again)

So, you want to keep a journal. How do you begin?

You need a journal. This can be as simple as a simple 10 cent notebook from Wal-Mart or as fancy as a leatherbound book. It might be a weblog or an online journal, or just a document on your computer. Find what fits you best - some of us write better by hand, others find typing easier - and start writing!

And write.

And write.

Write when you can. Don't beat yourself if a month goes by before you get another chance to write; just pick up the book and start writing again. I've found that I put off starting up again because I feel like I have to recap the missing weeks between now and the last time I wrote. If that's holding you back, don't worry about it. Forget about going into all the details of life. If you must recap, keep it short, brief and sweet. If not, just skip it. Skip it and move on to what is happening now.

Write short entries. Yeah, details are great. But sometimes details hinder you from writing. If you are short on time, short entries are awesome. Ten short entries are better than nothing! And sometimes the brief entries are the most poignant and memorable.

Write longer entries, too. Okay, so that sounds like an oxymoron. If you do have the time, include the details. Even if they seem silly. Looking back, details can be great! Details aren't necessary, but they are...icing on the cake. Cake is delicious, but the frosting completes it. Details finish off the story - and yes, that's what you're writing. The story of your life!

If you have trouble coming up with what to write about...

- write about daily life. So maybe it's boring, but see how you can make it interesting. Little vignettes about your world...someday that will be interesting!

- write about what you see. People watch. Listen. Learn. Now write about it!

- take a headline from the newspaper and write about it. What are your thoughts on the current politics? The latest media craze?

- journal about...your thoughts on life. What has God been teaching you? What has grabbed your attention the most while reading His Word?

- journal your prayers. Some of the best entries will be your prayers. They don't have to be eloquent, just heart-felt.

The biggest key is:


Just write. When you can. Where you can. It's hard to find the time, but if you really want it, you will find it.


MaureenE June 5, 2009 at 8:59 AM  

I love this post Krista! It's so helpful and encouraging. I've been doing better with regular journaling since England but also struggling with how to keep it more than a record of daily events.

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