Friday, June 12, 2009

Keyboard Shortcuts!!

O.k. let's talk more computer talk :-)

Keyboard shortcuts are one of my favorites computerisms.  The fact that I can get something done without moving my hand to the mouse and clicking several times makes me happy :-) Not to mention they save time.  There are lots and lots and lots of keyboard shortcuts but luckily for you I only know maybe 10% of them :-)

A little formality:  most keyboard shortcuts involve holding down more than button therefor a + b means to hold down the a and b keys at the same time. 
Here are 15 of them. Just for kicks :-)

  • Ctrl + c = copy
  • Ctrl + v = paste
  • Shift + left or right arrows keys = selects letters and numbers one at a time
  • Ctrl + shift + left or right arrow keys = selects by word
  • (for Windows users) Windows/start key + d = minimizes all widows/takes you to your desktop
  • On most computer, sadly not all F5 will refresh/reload your current internet page
  • Alt + Tab = allows you to switch between programs you have open 
  • Ctrl + z = undo
  • Ctrl + y = redo
  • Ctrl + b = bold
  • Ctrl + u = underline
  • Ctrl + i = italic
  • Ctrl + r = aligns text to right side of page
  • Ctrl + e = centers text
  • Ctrl + l = aligns text to left side of page


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