Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pumpkin Art

I love pumpkins.  :)
I love fall and I love pumpkins.  :)

I DO cook with pumpkins, but my favorite thing to do with pumpkins is decorate with them!

Here's some fun ways to dress up plain pumpkins.

Use tape to make a design on your pumpkin.  Remember that the design you make will be a negative of the finished product.  You'll be decorating on the un-taped parts of the pumpkin.  So, wherever you put the tape will be pumpkin colored when you are done.

Now comes the fun part.  You can use whatever you want to decorate.  Paint, Decorative pins, Ribbon, Glitter, whatever you like.

For this particular pumpkin I sprayed the entire thing with spray adhesive glue which you can get in any hardware or craft store.  Or, you can make your own spray-on glue by mixing glue with water. 

Then I generously dumped black glitter all over the entire pumpkin.  Put something underneath to catch the extra glitter.  You can put it back into the container to use later.

Let it dry.

Remove the tape and decorate to your hearts content!

Try using different colored paints or glitters for custom looks.  Here's a few more I did just to help get your creative juices flowing. :)

Beware!  This project is addicting!  I almost couldn't stop!  
Have fun!  Be creative!  Give them as gifts! 

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