Friday, December 5, 2008

Overcoming Discouragement Part 3

I thought for the final article instead of doing small segments on a few different things I would just list out things that helped me.

Let's start with:

Don't lose the paper with the notes for your article on it.  Yep, I  lost my notes.... so... I'm going to leave you with 2 things I remember off the top of my head. 

1) Don't keep it all to yourself.  If you are struggling, talk to someone about, encouraging yourself is not always the answer.  Don't hold it in!  Talk to someone, it does wonders!

2) Know and remind yourself that people care about you.  This was actually a pre-overcoming one that I realized.  A few days after I really had victory over the discouragement, we went to my grandparents house.  I had posted part 1of Overcoming  Discouragement on my regular blog as well as IDD.  And my grandparents had read it.  My grandpa was of course worried about me.  But then, he started talking to my sisters and I and just encouraging us to keep doing what we are doing, and walking with God, etc.  I tell you what.  I love grandpa so much, he encouraged so much in those 30-some minutes.  When we left, I felt so loved, appreciate, taken care.  I was so... hyped is the best word I can come up with.  Know that someone loves you.  It makes a world of difference in your life.  I love going to my parents house, cause you see, the second I walk in the door at least 2 people say "hi", 2 little children from all corners of the house shout "Katie's here!" and throw themselves at my legs and I get a kiss, hug and an "I love you" from mom.  They care about me, think about me, love me, care what is happening in my life.  And you know what, for what it's worth.  Not only does God love and care about you, but we care you.  My fellow Bloggers and myself care about you.  Each and every single person who reads the blog.  That's why we are here.  If we didn't care, we wouldn't be writing.


Sarah Dee December 6, 2008 at 8:18 AM  

This is so true! Talk to someone... It does help tremendously!

Elizabeth December 8, 2008 at 12:05 PM  

Beautiful - thank you for sharing!

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