Monday, January 26, 2009


Spring seems a long time coming right now, particularly after last week which had most of the country gripped in below zero temperatures. For some parts of the country, spring might not seem too far away. But for good old New England that can be cold and snowy up until the end of March and sometimes into April…winter looks never-ending. Signs of spring are nowhere to be found. Trees are still dusted with snow. The backyard is white, with sledding tracks left by the kids. The street goes from a slushy mix of kicked up snow, salt and sand to white with newly fallen snow. It doesn’t look very hopeful.

But…I know spring will come. I know that it seems like we’ll have to wait forever and that it will never come. But…it will come. Winter won’t last forever.

Still, the signs for spring aren’t here yet. They won’t be for some weeks.

And so, I have two little vases with two little bulbs sitting on a shelf in our frigid, dark hall library. I’m giving a try at wooing a bit of spring into the house by growing crocuses indoors. The bulbs were cheap and who knows if they will grow, but I am hoping and praying that in a few weeks I will see some green shoots

I am anything but a pro at gardening – if anyone is the resident gardener, that would be the marvelous Valerie – but maybe if I keep them watered with both H20, hope and prayer…maybe, just maybe I’ll get my bit of spring in a vase.


Valerie January 26, 2009 at 10:05 PM  

Ohhh, I want to do some indoor bulbs! I should look and see if WalMart has anything.

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