Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The "+1" Dilemna

It came in the mail. One of those darling crisp white envelopes that come sometimes. You know the ones? They have pretty handwriting on the front, and when you see it you say “Oh! I wonder if this is…” and then you flip it over and get the answer to your question “It is!! Oooohhhh!”

This is not the kind of envelope you tear open. Nope. You have to find your letter opener thingamajig, and slit the top. Then you open it up. And then you open it up again…. And there it is… “To: Rebecca, and Guest” *AHEM* yes…. There it is. That inevitable “+1.”

AH! The frustration!!! Not only is some lucky girl (not you) getting married, she’s asking you to bring a “guest.” I’m sure you know the feeling. Awkward.

Do you go alone? Drag along a family member? Find a friend to go with you? And then there’s the double awkwardness of being at the wedding without a “significant other.” Almost worse than going alone, going with your sister and then it’s painfully obvious to anyone who cares to wonder that you are most definitely single. As single as the day is long. Ouch.


Valerie May 20, 2008 at 5:14 PM  

Huh... it never occurred to me that I was supposed to take anyone but my mom or sister. Shows how much I know. ;-P That, and I don't have friends they don't know as well.

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