Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keychains, Words, and Feet in the Mouth

Remember those lessons in humility God often gives me?

They aren't just limited to humility.

There's a few in there for self-control too.

Okay, maybe alot in there for self-control.

See, I'm somewhat notorious for two things: being snarky and my key chain collection.

I love key chains. If you were to see my house keys, you'd think "Wow, she has alot of house keys" until you saw that actually I have about 2 and the rest of the sparkling metal is key chains.

Side note: In my defense, I will say that some of them were given to me. So it's not entirely my fault I have enough to build a bridge with.

So when I walked into the Dollar Tree awhile back, and saw they had a Whole.Collection.Of.Key Chains. I, of course, had to go check it out.

Thumbing through the various ones I came across one that made me nearly turn crimson, because it was so me--"I'm very flexible--I can put both feet in my mouth!"

Alas, there was nothing to be done for it--I simply had to have this key chain.

So I bought it.

Why, you wonder, was this key chain so me?

Well my friend, because to put it succinctly--it just is.

I can't tell you how many times I have been in a conversation, and suddenly, for some strange and unknown reason, certain words and phrases that I know are not appropriate began their pilgrimage down from my brain to my mouth.

I clamp my lips shut. I tell myself "No, you will not". I try to turn my mind onto something else. But inevitably, the words push and pound and cry against my lips until they break the barrier, and come gushing forth.

So many times I have wished words could be caught back and swallowed.

I have agonized over why I said that. Why I didn't follow the advice my parents always gave me and my siblings from little on up--"Think before you speak or act. Think it through."

The key chain serves as a reminder to me about the importance of guarding my mouth. Trust me, when people see that key chain every time I rent a movie, since my movie rental card is also on my key chain, it's embarrassing enough to remind me to think twice before speaking.

King David had the right idea: "Set a guard, O LORD, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips." Psalm 141:3 (NASB)

I pray this prayer often, but for me the prayer takes this form: "Lord, Keep your arm around my shoulders, and Your hand over my mouth!"

Praise His name He does, too.


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