Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being thankful even in the embarrassments

Being thankful in all things sounds wonderful and spiritual when you say it. But discovering just what all that entails is quite another matter.

There many times in my life that for His own perfect reasons, God chooses to give me a lesson in some form regarding humility.

I just wish He'd plan them further apart, instead of frequently together.

You could say the moral of the story (or one of the morals, anyway) is, when you know a guy (close to your age) is going to crack a joke, it is not wise to sip your lemonade. No my friends, it is dangerous.

Especially if you are sitting across from him at a pizza place.

Surrounded by friends and family.

Watching a member of the male gender wiping sticky, saliva-mixed lemonade off his arms, face, Sunday shirt, and possibly even his shoes, with a sweet, forgiving smile on his face, would make any blue-blooded girl either burst into tears or laugh hysterically from humiliation.

It's in those moments I must make a choice--thank the Lord for the "lesson in being lesser", or crawl under the table and die from embarrassment.

There's also the option of begging God to crack open the floor in the restaurant so you can fall neatly inside--It doesn't work, just for the record.

So I choose to thank God for the chance to humble myself, and for the young man who graciously extended forgiveness toward me, though I ruined his shirt.

Thanking God for His lessons isn't always easy--but knowing He still loves me, no matter how many guys I bathe in sugary fruit drink, is such a comfort.

-Miss Deb


Rebecca May 15, 2008 at 1:04 PM  

*rolls on floor laughing*

Oh, Deb.


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