Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Does God See?

What Does God See?
Copyright ©by Deborah Teat
Reproduction prohibited without permission.

When people look upon my face,
What is it that they see?
A person who reflects the Lord,
Or a face of hypocrisy?
When wisdom I speak to those around me,
Is it pure, clean and true?
Does my life walk the words my lips say?
Do I promptly speak and do?
Do I point those I know to my Lord above?
Are their hearts filled with praise toward He?
Or do my actions, words and attitudes cause their focus to be on me?
What does God see when He looks on my heart?
Would He say "Well done my child, well done."?
Or would He strain to see even a glimpse of the likeness of His Son?
Is God first and foremost in my life?
Am I giving Him His rightful throne?
Or are there idols sitting upon the place that is His to claim alone?
Do I think God does not see all I do, He who rules from heaven's host?
O Lord, forgive my sin and deceit, and help me to love Thee


Lady Heather September 5, 2008 at 12:23 AM  

Thanks for sharing that poem!! It really touched home with me!

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