Monday, August 25, 2008

With all my heart

Waiting is one of life’s hardships.
- Lemony Snicket

While waiting is just one of those things about life, there is something that we should not be waiting for. Waiting for life to begin.

Sometimes I think that as singles, we have convinced ourselves that until we marry or meet the right guy, life has not begun. No matter what we are waiting for – whether it be for the end of high school or college, a new job, a husband, a family, a new home – we cannot wait for it as if only then we can truly begin to live.

Today is what we have and we need to stop pinning our dreams, our purpose on tomorrow. My job is to live and glorify God wherever He has me, whether it is as a single working girl in an accounting department today or as a wife and home-schooling mother sometime in the future.

Our status of singleness or marriage must not be what defines our walk with God. Our walk with God has one purpose above all other things: to love God with all our hearts, to bring glory to Him through our lives.

I firmly believe with all my heart that I can and must do my best to serve God with what I have here, at this moment. Marriage and motherhood is not the highest occupation a woman can be called to. Wives and mothers are important, but no more important in God’s eyes than His other daughters who are single.

The world needs godly wives and mothers, helping their husbands and raising children to love God. But God must believe that the world also needs us singles, otherwise He wouldn’t have us in this state at this time. The world needs Christians who love God and His ways. That’s it. Plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if we are single or married: whatever we are, wherever we are, we have a purpose and nothing can ever change that.

I have been interested in liturgy for some time now. One of my favorite prayers, that I have now memorized, is the Shema. One of the most well-known prayers in Jewish liturgy, the Shema comes directly from God’s word, the Torah.

Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our God is one.
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart
and all your soul and all your might.

May that ever be the story of my life, from today and tomorrow and forever, in every stage of life. This is my story and this is my song.

With all my heart and with all my soul and with all my might.


Ana August 25, 2008 at 2:53 PM  

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have no words but thanks. You spoke to my heart, just when I needed it most! Thank you for following God's leading to write this!

Rebecca August 25, 2008 at 5:57 PM  

Marriage and motherhood is not the highest occupation a woman can be called to.

But God must believe that the world also needs us singles, otherwise He wouldn’t have us in this state at this time.

excellent Krista, Thank you!

Kourtney Ann August 27, 2008 at 1:04 PM  

That was wonderful!

Mom, Kristina and I were talking along the same lines not to long ago.
You see ever since I was really little all I've ever wanted to do was be a mommy and have dozens of little ones running around. But seeing as how I'm only seventeen that's probably not going to happen for quite a while:D
So we were just talking about a friend of ours who is in her early thirties and is still waiting for "The One" to go on with life. She has been waiting on "The One" for about 11 years now.
Think of all the things you can do in 11 years!
Now I'm not trying to condemn her, I'm simply trying to learn from her mistake.
I told Mom and Kriss that I didn't want to waste my whole life waiting. I want to do what God has for me NOW in this season of my life! I don't want to be thirty and still not wanting to bye a house because I'm afraid Prince Charming might be just around the next corner and then I'd just have to turn around and sell it.I want to "Live for today! I want to fallow in Gods way! I wanna let my little light shine like there's no tomorrow! I won't worry about the past. I know my future is intact! So I'll chose to live my life one way! I'm gonna live it for TODAY!!!"

Sorry I guess I was so inspired by your post that I got a little carried a way :/

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