Monday, July 21, 2008

Review: Journey of the Heart, by Jeannie Castleberry

While Mr. and Mrs. Castleberry's books for young women have focused on couples and courtship, their daughter Jeannie Castleberry outdoes them in my opinion. While books on courtship can be encouraging in a world that promotes serial-dating, there is a certain lack of fiction that portrays singleness realistically. Jeannie somehow manages to do just that.

Janet McLean is the oldest daughter living at home now that her older sister and brother are married and have their own families. Janet has always expected that by her age - early twenties - she would have followed in their footsteps and married as well.

But another birthday comes and goes, leaving her still single as the day is long. She's still living at home, teaching her siblings and meanwhile, her best friend is being courted. Why can't God just bless her with a husband? Why does contentment have to be so hard and painful to attain?

Journey of the Heart, by Jeannie Castleberry is the story of Janet and her journey as a single girl. While it is a sequel to two of Mr. and Mrs. Castleberry's courtship books – the McLean series – it is different in its focus. While the courtship series gives you a look at a character and how he or she changes during courtship, Janet's story is different. It focuses solely on her journey as a single, twenty-something girl.

It is a refreshingly candid look at singleness. It doesn’t downplay the difficulty of trusting, of giving up your dreams and desires, of waiting – just waiting. I finished this book more encouraged than I have ever been by any of the Castleberrys’ books on courtship.


Miss Deb July 21, 2008 at 2:25 PM  

I'll have to read that one!

Rebecca July 25, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

I LOVED this book!!! Jeannie Castleberry deserves huge credit for writing this book.

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